Variousness 16


Left-right convergence: Alexander Cockburn: Reaching Out to the Right

Pseudo-internationalists blockade genuine anti-fascists: Blockade of Claude Lanzmann’s film “Why Israel?”. Eyes Closed and Covered. [ADDED: MORE HERE.] Karl Pfeifer blood libelled.

The ‘Israel Lobby‘: Antisemitism and the reported world.

The ‘Israel Lobby’ meme infects the Green movement: “Zionists out of the peace movement”? Green Rupert And The Anti-Jewish Racist. Plus update: The Curious Case Of Rupert And Gilad.

The real struggle for Palestinian freedom: Palestine-Israel, The ongoing joint struggles against the separation fence and occupation.

The backlash against the boycott: No reason to boycott Israel, says director Wim Wenders.

Ideas for freedom: Moshe Postone to speak at Ideas for Freedom winter 2009.

Odds and ends: From Roland.

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