Variousness 15


Boycott notes: Wim Wenders says no (via Engage).

Antifa notes: Andy’s latest edition focuses on the UK, and includes the Anarchist Federation on the useless liberal anti-fascists of Unite Against Fascism. Andy also has a moving tribute to murdered Russian anti-fascist Ivan “Vanya Kostolom” Khutorskoy, and a piece on the 9/11 Truth Cultists.

Added: Blood libel news: Philosemite on the Bostrom meme.

2 Responses to “Variousness 15”

  1. hey a-g t,


    i’m hoping you have some knowledge of german… the language, that is.

    i’m trying to get more info on, and i stumbledupon an article from, re-published here:

    it’s six yrs old now, but i was hoping you could translate it at some point if poss.



    ps. note temporary change of email addy.
    pps. been reading waite’s ‘psychopathic god’ on german history and society and devs leading up to third reich. v interestink stuff.

    • Andy,

      Actually, I don’t really speak German, despite my title. Basically, the article is about AlterMedia, a German imitation of Indymedia that is basically a front for far right politics behind a veneer of anti-globalist/anti-Zionist radicalism. The IP demonstrates a connection to David Duke, but who is behind the German site is unknown. I’ll try harder when I have time. For better translation options, maybe try the folks at Schalom Libertad/Contested Terrain.

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