Some disgusting “anarchists”


From the CST blog:


The Jerusalem Post reports:

Unknown vandals defaced tombstones and spray-painted anti-Semitic and anti-Israel graffiti at the Jewish cemetery in the Polish seaside resort city of Sopot, near Gdansk.

Tombstones in seaside Polish city Sopot were vandalized during All Saints’ Day.

Inscriptions such as “Israel = The Third Reich,” “Free Palestine” and “Stop the Jewish domination” were among those scrawled on a number of graves as well as the wall surrounding the burial ground. [Read the rest]

The original report is here.

One Response to “Some disgusting “anarchists””

  1. 1 mairyone

    None of Polish newspapers has noticed that incident. It is meaningless. Anti-Semitic moods are not trendy in Poland and sound more like a joke. Maybe bacause of that they are merely punished – almost nobody (but foreigners) treat that seriously.

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