Variousness 13


/// Germany: More on the The Third World in the Second World War exhibition from Robin Shepherd. 1969 and the Holocaust. Interview with TOP Berlin.* Rosa Luxemburg’s corpse: The stench of decay on the German Left, 1932–2009.

/// France: Dieudonné fined for antisemitic stunt.

/// USA: Ward Churchill and his antisemitic friend Valdas Anelauskas. Rose City Antifa versus the alt. fascists. Antisemitism as a compliment? J Street’s poor choice of friends. The LaRouche/Fulani cults and the New York elections.

/// Inglourious Basterds: GW Pabst’s Jackboot Mutiny.

/// Theory and critique: Claussen on Adorno.* On Karl Korsch. Noam Chomsky and genocidal causality. ‘Productive’ and ‘unproductive’ labour.

/// Other variousnesses: Roland, Bob.

* = via Schalom Libertad.

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