Variousness 6


// Anja P: Mein Kampf is example of Israel criticism: Old stuff but worth repeating..

If you take a copy of “Mein Kampf” and replace every occurance of “Jew” within it with “Zionist,” you have not cured it of antisemitism and transformed it into a “progressive” work; you’ve simply given the antisemitism a helfpul fig leaf because it still relies on the old tropes of the international shadow government, the financial hegemony, the threat to world peace, and so on.

Full article by David Gehrig at (2006) from Urban Indymedia

// A war worth fighting: Hitchens at Discordian Communism on WWII revisionism.

// Francis Sedgemore: Climate camp, a tragedy of the commons.

// HRW88? On Nazi memorobilia… (Click the clarification too.)

// Blood libel spotting.

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  1. The “Yarra National Anarchists” send greetings!

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