Hitler lover


I feel that I ought to have made some comment on Bernie Ecclestone’s professed love for Adolf Hitler. However, I couldn’t think of anything original. This is Jim from Shiraz Socialist:

The brilliant Catherine Bennett, writing in today’s Observer, nails both the disgusting little Hitler-lover who runs the so-called “sport” of Formula One, and the politicians (notably but far from uniquely, Blair), who have grovelled to him to the point of changing the law and spending millions on new roads to facilitate his business interests.

It’s one of Bennett’s finest pieces; here’s a flavour:

“An unashamedly sexist, racist, absurdly polluting celebration of speed, run for enormous personal profit by a Hitler fan who hates democracy is, you gather, up there with the World Cup and Olympics as a font of national pride and prosperity. In reality, given motor racing’s indelible associations with fascism, it’s hard to imagine a sport with a nastier history, in line with its unspeakable present. But Blair saved his loathing for fox-hunting.”

Read the rest here.

And this post, by Irene Lancaster, is highly recommended.

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