We drink beer and wine


SlackBastard anatomizes anti-fascism, anti-Germanism and antisemitism. Extract:


While drawing on various (and overwhelmingly Marxian) ideological antecedents, the ‘Anti-German’ camp really only established itself in Germany after re-unification, and as one of many responses to a more general ideological crisis on Teh Left that the outpouring of nationalist sentiment this world-historical event provoked. One of the best Anti-German sauces I’ve tasted is ‘Anti-German Translation’: it’s regularly updated, and contains links to many other writings on the Anti-German tradition. Two overviews of the subject are available via ‘Letter from Berlin: The anti-anti-Zionists’ (Benjamin Weinthal, Haaretz, August 8, 2007) and ‘Antinationalist Nationalism: The Anti-German Critique and Its All-Too-German Adherents’ (Rolling Thunder, No.3, Summer 2006).

Choice Anti-German quote: ‘Do they ever have any fun? “We don’t have much fun,” Dahlmann concedes. “But we are not ascetics. We drink beer and wine”.’ (Meet the Anti-Germans, Luke Harding, The Guardian, August 28, 2006.)

Post also (critically) draws attention to Jean Barrot/Gilles Dauvé’s ‘Fascism/Anti-Fascism’, one of the most pernicious texts of the ultra-left tradition. Intersting comment thread too.

More SlackBastard:
Nahr al-Bared Camp: A Sip of Coffee (including Israeli anarchism in the Bonus section)

One Response to “We drink beer and wine”

  1. Just a few hours after it was posted to http://libcom.org, my
    translation of a text by Didier Daeninckx (it’s about Gilles Dauve’s
    father, Guy Dauve) was deleted and I personally was summarily banned
    from this “libertarian communist” site.

    To follow the history of this affair:

    1. my original comments concerning Dauve’s “The X-Filers” and the
    reactions to them:


    2. the page that used to host my translation of Daeninckx’s text,
    before it was censored:


    3. the text as it appears on the NOT BORED! website



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