Antifa Donor Card


Antifa Donor Card
Found at Paul Stott’s place.

6 Responses to “Antifa Donor Card”

  1. 1 Will

    Silly stuff.

    “anyone entitled to sit in the House of Commons”.

    That would mean all UK citizens.

    Silly ultra-leftist crap.

  2. always understood that you have to be elected first, but as you know better I’ll pop down and bagsy a seat at the back

  3. 3 Will

    Thick cunt — needs a lesson in semantics and shit.


    look at that word again you thick piece of fucking shit.

    Harry’s Place contributors — thickest cunts on the fucking planet. vermin. Need fucking killing and shit.

  4. 4 Bob

    Antifa = Continuity AFA?

  5. friendly bugger. You started with the ‘clever’ semantics – ‘entitled’ means that you have the right to be there- you can’t sit in the house of commons unless you are an elected MP. every citizen of the UK over 21 who is not barred by statute has the right to stand for election but that is not the same thing.
    I have always had a policy- write on the interweb in the same way as you would if talking in the pub- use that sort of language round my way son and youd get a face full of glass.

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