The left is antisemitic, only 4international is Trotskyist


Is this for real, or a joke?

(via Gadgie)

3 Responses to “The left is antisemitic, only 4international is Trotskyist”

  1. 1 londonhobgoblin

    A weird hoax indeed. Interesting that when they talk about Islamic terrorism against the Jews the comparison is not with the Holocaust but with alleged oppression of Serbs by Bosnians! The same fake left who were in denial about the Serb atrocities in the 1990s and supported Milosovic now support Hamas. Go figure.

  2. more than a little wierd, but seeing as the trotskyists are essentially parasitical and cannot survive without a larger body to attatch themselves to, perhaps it isn’t surprising that one, or more(?) has become fixated on serb nationalism. He also appears to be american, their trots are even madder than ours.
    He seems convinced that Trotters became a zionist before his death, but doesn’t deem it necessary to link to any sources for this. Personnally, I feel that resorting to pre war/ holocaust positions on Zionism are bogus, and also totally and deliberately misleading as they all miss the fucking great elephant in the room.
    BTW thanks for the linkage, much apprieciated, There does seem that the recent conflict in Gaza has forced the more clearer development of a NO State left in the UK. the position put forward by the Afed is good, as are the discussions that have been taking place on Meanwhile at the bar ( a message board made up of Urban 75 ex pellees). check out the discussion here

    • 3 antigerman

      Thanks Darren. I’d never heard of Meanwhile at the Bar, and haven’t checked in with Urban75 for a while when so many people got chucked off. Glad to see the spirit resurging! Have added it to link list.

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