Fascists and Islamists together



Gateway Pundit:

The Neo-Nazis and Islamists marched together against Israel in Calgary this past weekend.

The neo-Nazi Aryan Guard are the people holding the defaced Israeli flag. Apparently, their hatred of Israel and Jews seemed to temporarily supersede their hatred of other groups, who they marched with in Calgary this past weekend. (Flickr via Kate)

////Sheffield, UK

Bob From Brockley:

For the academo-Marxists of the “Israel must lose” letter, we need to “start with” a campaign of boycott, divestments and sanctions. As I wrote, that translates all too easily into the harassment of underpaid workers and of Jewish university students. Brett gives some examples of the idiotic war on Starbucks of the pro-Hamas direct actionists who are the academo-Marxists’ lumpen disciples.

The logic is also followed in the smashing up of an AWL placard at a Palestine solidarity demo in Sheffield.‍ I spent some time looking at the photo-essay at Indymedia. The placard says “No to IDF. No to Hamas.” (One carried by the same group says “Solidarity with Women, Workers and the Left”.) How can anyone on the left object to that? But a steward, after apparently shouting through a megaphone at its carrier, grabs the placard and stomps it. An SWP paperseller adds some muscle, white peaceniks applaud, and Muslim children get an education in democratic politics. (It may or may not be relevant that the person carrying the placard was a woman and the steward was male.) Luckily, not everyone on the left shares this sort of idiocy: the Anarchist Federation and Workers Liberty stand out. (At the same demo, see here for cool terrorist chic. More reportage here, here)


Daniel in an Israel Keffiya.


Classless at DSTFW:

From this German news report we learn: If police break into a flat in order to remove an Israeli flag from the balcony this is bad because a) Germany’s international reputation could suffer from it and because b) soon, who knows, German flags might be removed.

Then again, when the Hamas supporters take to the streets again this weekend, the local police union plans to have a rally of their own – with Israel flags.

In Berlin, the situation is equally strange. Both, Kurds and Turks mobilize for different pro Palestinian rallies (today at 2 and 4 p.m.). Berlin’s authorities banned Hamas symbols for these events yet where stopped by a court which allowed an objection by the Deutscher Friedensrat and the Palestinian community. Now, the police union of Berlin has announced to protest against this decision.


Robert Kurz in Exit[via Will]

3 Responses to “Fascists and Islamists together”

  1. 1 ticotitao

    Extremes often meet… until they disagree again.

  2. 2 Wozzeck

    Don’t you heard about fascists/neo-nazi groups for Israel !?

    • Yes of course. Some (neo/post) fascists are so caught up in hatred of Muslims that they support Israel, whether tactically or genuinely. Some on the new right are not antisemitic at all, and are pro-Zionist. Then there are more traditional antisemitic Nazis who are pro-Zionist in the sense of wanting to get Jews out of Europe/America. And then there are still plenty of old-fashioned Jew-hating Nazis on the anti-Zionist bandwagon. It’s not simple!

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