Variousness 3



Uncarved on dubstep releases. Django on the best music of 2008. Octopus 2: Fresh poulp.

Antisemitism and conspiracy theory:

Special feature: Scandanavia: Manfred Gerstenfeld on Norway as a new paradigm for antisemitism. Jonathan Leman and Gudmondson on the Swedish Social Democrat supporters of Hezbollah. Francis Sedgemore on the Danish intifada.

Principia Dialectica on critical theory as a cover for antisemitism. Django on the “Israel Lobby” myth. Mark Steyn on the oldest hatred, from Gaza to Florida. Jeffrey Goldberg on the world’s pornographic interest in Jews’ moral failure. JR on the 9/11 Truth Cult (from datacide 10). Joseph K on antisemitism and the left.


Jim  Sleeper: Gaza needs a George Orwell nowContested Terrain on the left’s instrumentalisation of the Holocaust.

Three socialist responses:David Rosenberg at Stroppyblog: The left needs a bigger picture; Janine Booth: Which placard to pick?; David Hirsh: Naomi Klein is wrong to call for boycott.

Three anarchist responses: Anarchist Federation: for a no state solution in Gaza; Solidarity Federation: against war and warmongers; Libcom: what’s in a flag- against Israeli and Palestinian nationalism.

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