Intelligent left


Terry Glavin: A Few Steps Back, But A Few More Steps Forward

Signs of intelligent life on the left in Britain:

Principia Dialectica, among others, is backing “a counter-demonstration against a march in support of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hizbollah.” The counter-demonstration is organized mainly by the Committee of Iranian Students. PD observes: “Stop the War Coalition are one of the sponsors of the march. They claim to be a peace group but the march they sponsor is not a peace march, it is a war march. It is a march in favour of the indiscriminate killing of Jewish civilians and the violent destruction of Israel and the ethnic cleansing of the bulk or even all of the resident Jewish population from Palestine.”

The Internationalist Workers Tendency weighs in: “‘Al Quds Day’ was instituted by the Ayatollah Khomenei, supposedly in support of Palestinians, but in reality to promote the backward and murderous clerical fascist Islamic Republic of Iran and their Lebanese surrogates Hizbollah. It does nothing to help the cause of Palestinian national self-determination.”

Also a very interesting report at The Commune. Which is criticised by the IWT:

The world’s most self-important neckbeard and nanosect theoretician delivers his verdict on autonomist Marxism:

We have no interaction with, or rivalry with, Principia Dialectica. They are simply not in our part of the political universe and not in the workers’ movement.

Neckbeard and his two friends are the vanguard. Après moi — le tutorial!

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