The racism of radical Islam’s useful idiots


Note: Anti-German Translation does not support the “anti-Islamisation” conference in Cologne. We see it as complicit with the racist propoganda of the populist far right which is on the rise in Europe. The populist far right presents a much more clear and present danger to Europe than Islam does. The conference blurs the distinction between radical Islamism and Islam in general, and demonises the presence of Muslims in Europe, regardless of whether they support radical Islamism. (See more from Robert Spencer of JihadWatch and Little Green Footballs.

Anti-German Translation also rejects the depiction of “antifa” presented in some of the posts we link to below. The antifa movement is broad-based, and includes supporters of Israel and opponents of Islamo-fascism, as many posts on this blog show.

However, we present the posts below because they show – and help analyse – the ugliest face of European pro-Islamofascist leftism, a tradition in the antifa movement which needs to be crushed.

Diana West on the Nazi tactics of radical Islam’s useful idiots in Cologne:

In many ways, this is the most sharply revealing photograph to emerge from the debacle in Cologne last weekend when leftists, much to the shameful approval of the local authorities including the mayor, seized control of the streets and prevented a political demonstration against Islamization from taking place. The photo was taken by “Aviel,” whose eyewitness account is posted at Gates of Vienna. He says it “shows a band of some sort of humans preventing the police from moving about. I find it odd that even they were powerless to deal with that lot. However, I think that they were probably just unwilling.”

These policemen, mere instruments of a corrupted state, were not just “unwilling” to “deal with that lot.” I think they were also unable. They, like their state, are bereft of the core beliefs that, under unfortunately outmoded moral corcumstances, would have guided them in their duty to preserve civic space for freedom of assembly and speech. Bedazzled by the rainbows, they failed to see the totalitarian heart underneath–or, worse, they recognized it as their own.

Here is an excerpt of Aviel’s account:

I myself came upon one of these barricades on Eibahnstrasse that morning on my way to attend the conference on Heumarkt. I approached the Antifa thugs and demanded that they let me pass. I was wearing my Kippah and readily identifiable as a Jew; however, they screamed at me “Nazis Raus”.

This is the paradigm: rainbow dictators eliminating dissent and the freedom necessary for dissent by, first, smearing dissenters as Nazi dictators. This glorifies themselves–very important–and rationalizes their own Nazi tactics. [READ THE REST]

More by Diana West on the rally. More at: Atlas Shrugged.

15 Responses to “The racism of radical Islam’s useful idiots”

  1. What offensive shit this is.

    Equating Antifa with Nazis is undeniably the tactics of the far right across Europe and blogs like ‘Gates of Vienna’ openly support elements of the neo-fascist right in Europe and any person with half a brain would realise niether it nor its supporters are a reliable source of information about Antifa or their activities.

  2. 2 anarchore

    Wow Germany is pretty screwed up with these antiGerman pro-Israel freaks. Israel is the cause of most of the trouble in the world from the Iraq genocide ongoing, what you guys are is like a teenager cutting her arm with a razor to be cool. You have the internet stop being ignorant, unless it’s true what they say about evil Jews!

  3. 3 antigerman

    I consider myself an antifa, and disassociated myself from the position of Gates of Vienna in the intro to the post. I am strongly against the suggestion that antifas can be equated to Nazis. However, there is a Nazi-like current within the antifa movement, which is a dominant current within the European “anti-imperialist” movement. This current can only see oppression against Muslims and therefore sees anyone associated with the project of Israel as a fascist, and fair game for militant anti-fascist tactics. In more than one incidence, this has actually translated into racism against Jews, as in the example described by Diana West. Thus we can see a morphing of certain antifas into the enemy they claim to fight.

    This can be demonstrated by the pathetic and disgusting figure of Anarchore. With an image of Bakunin for his/her avatar, but a website which purveys neo-Nazi propoganda.

  4. 4 anarchore

    Bakunin had some choice words for the Jewish conspiracy, so you probably won’t like Bakunin if you read that.

    I strenuously object to your politics, and am shocked that you allow unmoderated comments, but that is one thing to your credit.

    Just because radical Islam is not all good, it doesn’t make Zionism smell like flowers either!

  5. 5 antigerman

    Bakunin started out as a Pan-Slavic nationalist, and this right-wing past colours his anarchist development. He also flirted with stupid terrorist nihilism. Marx also had unsavoury attitudes. Both of them, however, have a lot of useful things to say. Most Bakuninites today repudiate the anachronistic reactionary dimensions of his thought, and follow through the libertarian/egalitarian logic of most of his writings to condemn all forms of race hatred. Those who instead try and rescue this vile heritage are just warts on the extremities of anarchism.

    I prefer to argue than censor, but would prefer not to have links on my site to anachore’s: for most of my life I have put the “no platform for fascists” policy into practice as vigorously as possible (and have seen the inside of police cells for my troubles). I feel hesitant about giving anachore a platform. I would welcome the views of any anti-fascists reading this.

    I do not judge Zionism positively simply because radical Islam is “not all good” (or, rather, is thoroughly bad). I have no time for such idiotic moral equivalence.

  6. You are a fucking dick.

    Linking to nazi shite — go kill yourself you cunT and whackjob.

  7. 7 vildechaye

    More carefully thought out words of wisdom from Will. I strongly suspect you didn’t even understand the meaning of the original post, did u? or why terry linked to it in the first place. In short, all mouth (nasty one at that), and no brains. Pity.

  8. Thick fuckking cuntjob.

    It is quite simple — DON”T USE NAZIS TO BACK UP YOU STUPID arguments. It makes you look like a cunt.

    YOu thick fuckkinG cunt.

  9. 9 sackcloth and ashes

    Fantastic reasoning, Will. With such demonstrated intellectual prowess and analytical skill, it’s no wonder the Drink Soaked Trots site is such a success …

  10. I am coming over to thinking Will is more right than wrong on this. For the moment I am deleting the link to Gates of Vienna, and written this long clarifcation: I might remove other links too.

  11. Sorry to be rude, but you’d have to be retarded not know Gates is a fellow travelling site of the worst of the ethno-nationalists. The name alone shouts out mod crusader fetish.

    It’s pretentious soft Euro-fascism. Spencer, apart from ball cupping VB and the SD and being a coy apologist for the Serbian state’s projects of Genocide, is, at the very least, curious about campaigns to ethnically clease Antolia of Turks, ‘reprinstinating’ it back to it’s Hellenistic ‘glory’.

  12. ps. I mention Spencer as he is the ideological lode star of the Ethno-nationalists strategy of scoail scission. The procalvities of this ‘movement’ are pretty much personified by Spencer

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