Kaffiyah Y’Israelit


Kaffiyah Y’Israelit

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  1. As in everything else Israeli stole from Palestinians: Falafel, Hummus, Tabouli, and a list of Arabic and Palestinian foods, they now want to convince you that the Kaffiyah is an Israeli fashion statement..

    Amazing! The Kaffiya’s popularity suddenly drove the Israelis to capitalize and steal the Arabic and Palestinian identity! Have you ever seen an Israeli wearing a Kaffiyah ever?



  2. OK, so Palestinians don’t have the market on Middle Eastern food…and there are tons of Israeli Arabs. That said, the Kaffiyah Y’Israelit is simply a reply to the new Western fashion of wearing kaffiyah with either no knowledge of its potential political message or only a superficial and flawed understanding. Call it Sabra humor. Call it whistling in the dark

  3. 3 Zvi

    This is in response to “ATW”:

    What about the fact Falafel was invented by the Egyptian Christian Copts??!
    How about the possibility Hummous is already mentioned in the Tanakh’s (Jewish Bible) Book of Ruth as a Judahite dietary staple (above reasonable proficiency of biblical Hebrew required)?

    What about the fact Arabs from neighboring lands with *no* prior claim whatsoever to the Holy Land inundated the Land of Israel in increasing numbers 1882-1948 attracted by the economic prosperiy created by the incoming Jews??!

    What about the fact that native Jews used to wear a form of Kaffiya *continuously* in antiquity until well after Arab Muslim invaders from the Arabian Peninsula usurped the Land??!

    Damned amazing!!

    Yes… I happen to live in Israel and *have* gotten to see a few Israelis wear Kaffiyahs.

    All you professional mendacious whining usurpers, get a life!

  4. 4 shoshi

    just thet u will know -the kaffiyah was Fashion in -Israel and Middle Easte in Early Days of this Century and how ever was in the desert area use it…

    and bay the way – when i see kaffiya in these day’s – i dont get positive thoughts…

    so stop crying

  5. 5 Rob

    What some people here do not realize is that up until about thirty years ago, the Kaffiyah was also worn by middle-eastern Jews. It belonged to both Moslem Arabs and middle-eastern Jews. Its use by Jews in the middle east began to die down around thirty years or so ago, since it became very much identified with clothing of Palestinian terrorists. Now it is making a come-back among middle-eastern Jews with a Kaffiyah with a Jewish design. Big deal. It’s just a piece of clothing once worn by many people of that part of the world. Not just Moslem Arabs.
    So any claim that it is exclusively an Moslem Arab piece of clothing is mistaken. No, the Israelis have not stolen the kaffiyah. It has always been just as much middle-eastern Jewish headress as Arab. It’s just that few westerners realize it.

  6. 6 Rob Williamson

    Someone asked, “Have you ever seen an Israeli wearing a Kaffiyah ever? ”

    Yes. Photos from the middle east in the early 20th century show that the
    Kaffiyah was not just a Palestinian or Muslim Arab piece of clothing. It was in fact part of middle-eastern garb worn by people in the middle east no matter if they were Palestinian Muslim, Arab, or middle eastern Jewish.
    I’ve seen pictures of middle eastern Jews wearing it from the early twentieth century. I assume they were also wearing it long before that.

    That part of clothing and other desert clothing was common with everyone in that area of the world. Not just Muslim Arabs. But also Jews.
    Jewish people in that region began to stop wearing it after about 1948 sometime when the Kaffiyah began to be associated with Palestinian terrorists.
    Now they are simply beginning to wear it again like they did in the past.
    “Good for them” I say. Reclaiming what used to also belong to them, as much as it belonged to the Muslim Arabs and other Palestinians.
    The Kaffiyah does not only belong to Palestinian Arabs or other Arabs. It also belongs to middle eastern Israeli Jewish people. And if they wish to make it in blue and white with the Star of David? So what ??
    I may buy one myself even though I am neither Palestinian Muslim nor Jewish.

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