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From Engage:

Israel Is ‘Canceled’ in Berlin

Israel Is 'Canceled' in BerlinFrom THE WALL STREET JOURNAL EUROPE, July 7, 2008

“Iranian calls for the destruction of Israel are almost routine these days. But for a former official of the Islamic Republic to call for the destruction of the Jewish state in the city where the Holocaust was planned adds a repugnant twist – especially as the German government sponsored the event that gave the man from Tehran a Western stage.”

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4 Responses to “Israel cancelled”

  1. There’s nothing wrong with the statement: the “Zionist project, which has created only violence and atrocities, should be canceled.”

    The whole world supports the cancellation of such a project. Or are you for genocide and attrocities, mass murder and ethnic cleansing?


  2. 2 antigerman

    I am intensely critical of Israel’s policies, and believe in the abolition of ALL nations, including Israel, and of ALL nationalisms, including Zionism. So, in that sense, yes I am in favour of the cancellation of the Zionist project, along with the Palestinian nationalist project, the Pan-Arabic project, the German national project… And to argue that the genocidal, theocratic Iran is preferable to Israel (as attendingtheworld implicitly is here) is absurd.

    I do think that Israel’s creation saw the ethnic cleansing of much of the land of its Arab population – an ethnic cleansing in which the native Arab leadership, the Arab absentee landlords and the rulers of the Arab nations around Palestine were complicit. I do not think this ethnic cleansing amounted to genocide, any more than Greece and Turkey’s mass population transfers at the moments of their national emergence can be called genocide. The ethnic cleansing consisted largely of forced mass migration, and not of mass murder.

    There have indeed been atrocities committed by the Israeli state. But these atrocities are hardly exceptional amongst nation-states of today, and certainly not given that this is a nation-state under attack and at war.

    On attedningtheworld:

    This is a blogger that glorifies the “proud” Hezbollah, who ARE hardcore Nazis, while calling any who support democratic Israel’s right to exist ZioNazis.

    This is a blogger who believes that “Islam offers Dignity and Rights to all Humanity”.
    who describes Jews as “sons of the Devil” and publishes this visciously antisemitic graphic:

    This is a blogger who calls the 4th July “The 4th of Ju-Lie…”

    This is a blogger who publishes Roy Ratcliffe’s defence of the disgusting antisemites Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir and Paul Eisen.

  3. You’re a typical NaZionist. It”s OK for you to bash anyone who speaks the truth – since it did NOT agree with your views, right?

    The truth penetrates deep and hurts, doesn’t it? But you proved your arrogance, ignorance and anti-Semitism. If I am as you say, then Illan Pappe, the Israeli Historian, The TIME, The Guardian, the Independent and a slew of other publications, writers and even the ex-Israeli soldiers (who spoke out themselves) fall in “this category” you created for me!

    Ignorance is BLISS… so please submerge yourself in it and enjoy!


  4. 4 antigerman


    I am curious to know in what sense I am an antisemite and in what way I have demonstrated my arrogance and ignorance. You write “If I am as you say”, but the only thing I actually say about you is what I saw on your blog: a glorifier of Hezbollah, a whitewasher of Islamism, a demoniser of Jews, a conspiracy theorist about America (“4th of Joo-lie”) and a fellow traveller of crypto-fascists (Atzmon et al). To my knowledge, neither the Guardian, “The TIME” nor even Illan Pappe has written about your blog.

    I also like the way you say “The truth penetrates deep and hurts, doesn’t it?” – as if I have demonstrated some terrible wounds your exaggerated claims about Israel have made in my psyche – but then write “Ignorance is BLISS… so please submerge yourself in it and enjoy!” – quite clearly recognising that I haven’t taken on board your analysis.

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