Anti-german links


Neues O.G. Ultrasteinlied, für alle, die trotz gymnasiastischen Gruppenzwangs auch mal 50Cent auf ihrem Handy pumpen wollen.

Für das (immer)gleiche und mehr checkt und

2. Platypus Review

“Let the dead bury the dead!” Response to Principia Dialectica (UK) on May 1968
Chris Cutrone
The British journal, Principia Dialectica, in a leaflet distributed at a recent event in London celebrating May ’68, borrows from Platypus’s rhetoric on the “death of the Left,” but offers only retrospective critique. In declining to specify the continuity between past and present, Principia Dialectica divorces itself from forms of historical knowledge, instead offering political prescriptions that lay claim to an ostensibly emancipatory “outside.”[…]

Catastrophe, historical memory and the Left: 60 years of Israel-Palestine
The Platypus Historians Group
The “Left” consciousness of the Arab-Israeli conflict is characterized by the pathos of Palestinian statelessness and oppression, which obscures recognition of the variety and complexity of forces impacting political developments in the region. On the occasion of marking the 60th anniversary of the birth of the state of Israel and/or the “Nakba” catastrophe of the displacement of the Palestinians in 1948, the Platypus Historians Group attempts a historical reading attentive to this complexity, revealing the roots of the conflict in prior failures of the Left, and searching for a more adequate consciousness for a progressive politics.[…]

3. Money and shit like that (Will DSTFW)


Robert Kurz […]

4.Telos Contributors Featured in Democratiya

In its most recent issue, British political journal Democratiya features both Telos editor Russell Berman and Telos Press author of the award-winning Jihad and Jew-Hatred: Islamism , Nazism, and the Roots of 9/11, Matthias Küntzel.[…]

5. Fatwas instead of Coca Cola (Will at DSTFW)

Matthias Küntzel writes a commentary here on Iran (the Mullah regime) and the position adopted by stupid tossers towards the theocracy (this time by stupid German tossers).

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