Fascists and anti-fascists: at war in 21st century Spain


Three-way fight:

16 year-old antifa stabbed to death in Madrid

70 years on and within Spain there is still struggle with fascism. Fascist groups, like others across Europe, are organizing on anti-immigration grounds. Both in the streets and at the ballot boxes, fascist groups are leveling attacks against Arabs, South Americans, Asians and Africans. November also includes the dates of death of two of Spanish fascisms icons, General Franco and the radical Falange movements leader, Primo de Rivera. The following info is from the site, Slackbastard. In Berlin antifascist skinheads, RASH, held a demo in remembrance of Carlos.

“On November 11 in Madrid, a local neo-Nazi party, Democracia Nacional, organised a public rally, officially in order to protest “anti-Spanish racism” (sic). Madrid antifa organised a counter-protest…

Carlos Javier Palomino was stabbed in the heart… and about six people were injured as the rival groups fought with knives, pepper sprays and fire extinguishers inside a subway train and the Legazpi station, police said.

Police said they arrested a 24-year-old man suspected of killing Palomino.

The man had been beaten by anti-fascists and taken to hospital after the incident, police said.

Hundreds of anti-fascists later fought police with sticks and molotov cocktails as they tried to stop the march by members of a youth wing of the small far-right National Democracy party.”

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