The anti-semitism of the ’68ers and other reading


Some reading:

From Sign and Sight:

The anti-Semitism of the 68ers
Philipp Gessler and Stefan Reinecke talk with Tilman Fichter about the bomb planted in Berlin’s Jewish Community Centre in 1969

The article originally appeared in German in die tageszeitung on October 25, 2005.

From JCPA:

Being Leftist and Anti-Semitic in Germany Susanne Urban

After the reunification of Germany, 1989 surveys indicated that there was much more anti-Semitism in West Germany than in East Germany. This was a fallacy arising from the distinction between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. Since then, Eastern German “anti-Zionism” has merged with Western German “anti-Semitism” into a homogeneous whole.

Since 2000, the German Left has voiced its solidarity and support for the Palestinians and for suicide bombers. This is an extension of the New Left anti-Zionism of the 1960s, with the same structural motifs and expressions.

There is also a major trend in the German Left of Nazifying and demonizing Israel, opening the door to proclaiming Jews to be the source of the world’s evils.

From Cafe Critique:

Communism, anti-German criticism and Israel
An interview with Stephan Grigat by Jens Misera

(First published in “Israel Nachrichten”, the German daily newspaper in Tel Aviv in 2004;
first published in English at in 2005)

From Ha’aretz:

The Good Men of Leipzig

On the Anti-anti-Zionists of Germany

From Telos:

Anti-Americanism and Ambivalence: Remarks on an Ideology in Historical Transformation
Michael Werz

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