Stop the Nazi Demonstration 2 June 2007


From Contested Terrain:

Antifascist groups have put out a call to counter the neo-Nazi’s demonstration against the G8, meeting in Heiligendamm, Germany in early June. This call includes an analysis of the neo-Nazi’s anti-globalization politics and its broader “anti-capitalist” ideology. The analysis helps explain the relationship of foreshortened critiques of capitalism to nationalist and antisemitic positions. It’s well worth a read.

Call to Action Against neo-Nazi anti-G8 Demo

HEAD OFF TO SCHWERIN – Distract The Nazi Demonstration!

This year´s June 2nd more than 1.000 neo-nazis, coming from all over Germany and headed by the NPD (“Nationaldemocratic Party Germany”), plan to demonstrate in Schwerin. Under the label “Social instead of Global”, the NPD wants to transport their idea of nationalistic capitalism.

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